Germany/Austria 2019: Day 13

I spent the day today alternately torn between wanting to go home (I’m ready!) and wanting to enjoy more of Germany. The wanting to go home part had a stronger pull today, especially after getting back to the Munich airport tonight.

So how did I spend my last day in Germany? I undertook the complicated task of repacking my suitcase this morning. I know I’ve said it before, but I cannot for the life of me account for what happens to my suitcase when I travel. I always have the idea that I will wear clothes and then move them to the other side of my suitcase in some organized manner. It never happens. I have socks strewn all over and mixed in with everything else. A sweatshirt with bird droppings (yes, that happened) mixed with clean clothes. I know… it’s a mystery to me too.

After the repacking adventure, I went to see the Eibsee (lake) in Grainau, which was on my to do list. It ended up being a waste of €5 for parking because I only spent about 20 minutes there. Enough time to see the lake, but also enough to realize my ankle is really bothering me after yesterday’s hike and I couldn’t do a whole lot of walking today. 

Germany 2019 1762

So off I went to Schloss Linderhof, the third of King Ludwig II’s Bavarian palaces. This one was much smaller than his others, but also the one where he spent the most time and the only one that was completed before his death. I was rushed into a guided English tour to see the interior. The woman gave me a tour time 5 minutes after I arrived. “You shouldn’t take so much time,” she said as I was putting away my change. The rooms inside are opulent and filled with gold and porcelain. The outdoor gardens are in an English style, with fountains and manicured flower beds.I’m sure my pictures would have been better if they weren’t in the middle of some kind of reconstruction work in the gardens behind the palace (the crane ruins the picture a bit).

Germany 2019 1770
Schloss Linderhof

I made a quick detour to Oberammergau again to pick up some more souvenirs/gifts, and then I made it to my last stop: The Andechs Monastery. This monastery is set on a hill and you have to walk up to see the church at the top. It has a beautiful interior, with lots of paintings and gold. I also climbed the church bell tower, which leads up a set of very narrow stairs and ladders to a platform near the top where you can look out over the town of Andechs. However, the bigger draw to Andechs is that it is a working brewery with monks still brewing beer after six centuries. Of course I passed on the beer, but enjoyed an apple strudel with vanilla sauce (much better than with ice cream in my opinion) and an Andechser lemon soda.

Germany 2019 1815
Andechs Monastery church
Germany 2019 1805
Overlooking Andechs from the church bell tower
Germany 2019 1830
“Lunch” on the Andechs Monastery terrace

I am staying in a hotel at the Munich airport tonight. I’m not usually an airport hotel person, but my flight home is early enough tomorrow that it made the most sense this time. The Munich airport is actually pretty cool to see. I didn’t get to look around at all when I arrived or when I picked up the rental car, but there are two terminals connected by a shopping/dining space and a glass-covered outdoor area, complete with a biergarten. At the top of Terminal 2 is an observation deck that overlooks the tarmac and both runways. I walked over to check out the view for a few minutes after eating some snacks for dinner in the executive lounge. From my room, I have a view of one of the runways and can watch planes coming and going all night from my bed. 🙂

Germany 2019 1835
How many airports do you know with a biergarten?
Germany 2019 1841
Munich Airport Observation Deck