Germany/Austria 2019: Day 12

Today I rode a cable car, hiked down a mountain, saw a massive gorge, visited the tiny village, walked around a Bavarian town, and attended a choral concert. Here are the highlights:

Eckbauerbahn: The cable car at Eckbauer (the Eckbauerbahn) goes up to its summit at over 4,000 feet above sea level. I took the cable car up so that I could hike back down and eventually through the Partnachklamm. The cable car is new within the last year (replacing the older cars) and you ride up in little pods that can seat maybe 6 people. You have a great view of the surrounding mountains, including the Zugspitze (Germany’s highest mountain). The top of the mountain is the start of many trails fanning out in every direction. The trail I took zigzagged all the way down to the top of Partnach Gorge, where you can either walk down through the gorge or follow a trail around it.

Germany 2019 1535
Germany 2019 1553
The trail down to Partnachklamm

Germany 2019 1643Partnachklamm: The Partnachklamm (Partnach Gorge) is over 2,000 feet long and in places it reaches 260 feet deep. The water is a beautiful clear blue and ice cold. You follow a trail that is carved into the side of the rocky faces, in places walking through tunnels in the near dark. There was no shortage of people today on a semi-sunny summer Sunday, but it was still a beautiful walk. From the bottom of the gorge, it is still another 20-30 minutes to reach the parking area. Altogether, the cable car and hike took me about 3 hours.


Wamberg: You can actually hike to this village from the top of the Eckbauer also, which was my original plan, but I realized yesterday that you can also drive to it, so I opted to hike through the gorge and then drive to Wamberg. The church in Wamberg boasts being Germany’s highest church (in elevation) at over 3,000 feet above sea level. The road up is single lane and windy, but the views from the village are incredible. Sadly, the church is undergoing restoration and was not open.

Germany 2019 1674

Mittenwald: Mittenwald is another quaint Bavarian village with tons of painted houses and buildings. Since it was Sunday, a lot of the businesses were closed, but fortunately not the Eis Cafe (ice cream cafe). German ice cream is pretty much gelato and it’s possible I like it even more than the gelato in Italy. A single scoop in a cone or cup is usually around €1,30 so it makes for a pretty cheap treat!

Germany 2019 1694
Germany 2019 1688

Dinner and concert: Before heading back to Garmisch, I crossed over the border into Austria one final time and took a picture on each side of the border. I had a schnitzel dinner and apple strudel at Bräustüberl for dinner. Afterwards, I attended a local choral concert featuring nine different local choral groups. I got all gussied up in my only jeans not covered in mud and wore something other than hiking shoes on my feet, so it felt like a real night on the town!