Germany/Austria 2019: Day 11

What did I do today? I dropped my phone and cracked the screen. How did that happen? I was trying to take a picture of my kücherl (German-style fried dough). End of story.

Just kidding, but that sort of soured the day. My phone still works, and it can probably be fixed, but it shouldn’t have happened because I didn’t need the picture. I already had one on my camera.

Germany 2019 1418
Kücherl stand (the scene of the crime)

Anyway, I spent the day driving up to Wieskirche (the Pilgrimage Church of Wies) and then made stops in Oberammergau and Ettal on the way back. I’ll just give a couple of highlights of each place.

Germany 2019 1369
The drive to Wies
Germany 2019 1411

Wieskirche The drive to Wies was beautiful because the sun was out. Once I got there, there was a mass going on and it would be another 30 minutes before the church was open again. I decided to walk to the next town, Resle because I saw a sign for it and it was only 2.2 km away. It was a pretty walk and I got to talk to a group from the US who were doing a multi-day hike on the King’s Way. The church itself was incredible, white with pastel paintings on the ceiling and walls. It was also busy with tourists, so I didn’t feel the need to stay too long. I stopped at the kücherl stand by the church on my way out and would have enjoyed it a lot more if not for the phone dropping incident.

Germany 2019 1406
Germany 2019 1387
The village of Wies

Oberammergau This little town has two claims to fame: its many painted houses and its many wood carving shops. I picked up a map at the tourist info center and walked around town for about an hour. I also found a little wood carving shop and got a couple of souvenirs to take home.

Germany 2019 1429

Ettal Ettal Monastery is the big draw to this town. You can visit the basilica, but the beer and liqueur brewed by the monks are also big draws. I just looked around and then stopped at the cheese factory and got a yogurt to eat.

Germany 2019 1469
Germany 2019 1471
Ettaler beer

Partenkirchen Tonight I walked to the neighboring town of Partenkirchen to check it out and enjoy an evening of Bavarian entertainment. The town seems more laid back and historic compared to Garmisch. Dinner was at Gasthof Fraundorfer, where they have various music and entertainment with dinner. Tonight it was an accordionist and two boys doing a Bavarian slap dance (which involves a lot of slapping on one’s thighs). Dinner and the music were okay, but I’m still mad about my phone.

Germany 2019 1477
Germany 2019 1496


Germany 2019 1515
Gasthof Fraundorfer