Charleston 2018: Day 1

First things first: I love Charleston. As in, if I didn’t love New England so much I would move here in a heartbeat. Also, it’s hot here. And not just regular old hot (it was actually hotter temperature-wise at home yesterday), but “walk out the door and you’re already drenched in sweat” hot. So I suppose humid is the better word for it.

Charleston 2018 027
Charleston’s Waterfront Park

I had a semi-decent sleep last night and was up, as usual, with the birds. Blue skies were a treat and a quick check of the weather showed the rain holding off until at least tomorrow afternoon. I walked over to the waterfront park and snagged a wooden swing on the pier to soak in the sun for a few minutes. Then I spent about an hour wandering around the neighborhoods of the Historic District before setting off for breakfast. Seriously, I wanted to take a picture of every house I passed. Boston may have Beacon Hill, but Charleston has, well…. the whole city.

Charleston 2018 064
Church Street, Charleston

Breakfast/brunch was at Hominy Grill, which is about a mile and a half from my hotel, but I considered my walk a preemptive strike against the calories I was about to consume in the form of Bread Pudding French Toast. If you don’t know me very well, it’s safe to say I have a major sweet tooth for breakfast. And this did not disappoint. I even indulged in a mimosa to go along with it. Because why not? After breakfast, I headed to Marion Square where the regular Saturday Farmers Market was going on, along with a Spoleto Festival outdoor art exhibition. I wandered around the booths, sampled kombucha, and finally set off back to the Historic District.

Charleston 2018 031
Rainbow Row, Charleston

After a short rest at the hotel, I hopped on a carriage tour of historic Charleston. The horse and carriage tour has four possible routes, and the city randomly assigns a route to each carriage when it’s ready to head out. I’ve done carriage tours before in Charleston, and the route we took today didn’t really seem as intriguing as others I’ve been on. I took my time walking by the waterfront after the tour and through some of the streets before finally walking up and down the city market checking out all the stalls. North and South Market Streets are lined with shops, and in between them is the old City Market, established in the 1700s and filled with local artisans and craftspeople. I didn’t buy anything today, but I’m sure I’ll be back before I head home!

Tonight’s dinner was at Indaco, a relatively new Italian restaurant that gets rave reviews, and deservedly so. I had an unbelievable focaccia with pesto and prosciutto vinaigrette along with black pepper tagliatelle with pork tesa and an egg yolk on top. The entire meal was incredible. I know it’s hard to believe, but I actually found a little room in my dessert stomach for a stop at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams for a small dish of Gooey Butter Cake ice cream after dinner.

Charleston 2018 099