Turks and Caicos 2018: Day 0

So it’s off to Turks and Caicos this week. I wish I could say it was a quick, easy trip, but that wasn’t in the cards. Yesterday morning, I learned my flight from Boston to Charlotte for this morning was canceled. Had I acted quickly (and decisively), I could have taken a direct flight to Miami and then on to Turks later tonight. Instead, I called hoping to get out to Charlotte last night and by the time I found out I couldn’t, all the seats on the Miami flight were gone. So I ended up making a white-knuckle drive to the airport in the snow first thing this morning to catch a (delayed) flight to LaGuardia, followed by another (delayed) flight to Miami, and eventually a final (on time) flight to Providenciales. I had a first class seat the whole way, so food and drinks certainly helped. But 12 hours in airports and on planes is still 12 hours.

Flying into LaGuardia over Lower Manhattan

I was the first one off the plane tonight, and since I only brought a carry-on, I sailed through immigration and customs, only to find that there was nobody at the rental car desk. A nice woman from another agency tried to call to no avail. I ended up grabbing a taxi to the resort and don’t even know if I will bother with a car at this point. Pretty much everything I need is within walking distance of the resort and it looks like my favorite “hidden” beach is only about 3 miles away – close enough to get to using one of the resort bicycles.

Arriving in Miami

I honestly have no idea what kind of blog this is going to be this time around. After the last few weeks, I’m ready for long hours of relaxation, interspersed with walks on the beach and plenty of reading (seriously, I brought 4 books with me on this trip!). I may do more of a photo blog this time. Anyway, it’s now off to bed so I can get up to enjoy the beach first thing in the morning!

Sunset flying out of Miami