Lake District 2017: Day 1

I’ll just say it again: I love the U.K.  I mean, what’s not to love about English cider and scones with clotted cream?  They certainly have it down when it comes to food on this side of the pond.  And a week away from people and reality, enjoying the English food and countryside, is exactly what I need right now.  

Lake District 2017 018
Borrans Park, Waterhead

I knew I wanted to head back to Great Britain again this year, but was torn between northern England and Wales.  What convinced me to head to England was seeing pictures of the Lake District National Park.  Hundreds of walking paths, tiny quaint villages, and local pubs aplenty sold me.  I literally plan to spend my days walking across fells and from village to village with the local sheep and some newborn lambs as my company.

My first day didn’t go exactly as planned.  We were late leaving Boston (thanks to some auxiliary power failure with the engines) and I missed my connection in London.  The next flight they could get me on was 4½ hours later, so I didn’t arrive in Manchester until 1PM.  Since I was operating on about 2 hours of sleep, I knew there wasn’t going to be much walking or sightseeing today.  Instead I picked up the rental car and headed directly to my hotel in Ambleside, right in the center of the Lake District.  I was exhausted.  To top it off, the weather today is cloudy and drizzly and on the cool side (around 50 degrees).  I dropped off my stuff at the hotel and went for a short walk around the village of Waterhead before heading to the hotel bar for dinner and calling it a day.  My hope is that a long sleep will recharge me for my first day of hiking in the hills around Ambleside.