Scotland 2016: Day 14

Home. A place I love to return to, but also love leaving once in awhile. The hotel I stayed in last night was the only one that had an optional breakfast rate, so I decided to book “room only” and go out for breakfast this morning. I had seen a little cafe called So CoCo, which specializes in chocolate but has a full breakfast menu, on my walk yesterday. Who can pass that up? (Hint: not me!) I had already decided to have Eggs Benedict this morning, but the scones were calling to me. So my last scone was actually a breakfast scone! Then it was off to the airport for my hop down to London, followed by a 3.5 hour layover before my flight to Boston.

Scotland 2016 1628
Last breakfast at So CoCo in Inverness

Sometimes, I just know I will return to a place again. I felt that way last summer when I left Ireland. But I didn’t feel that way about leaving Inverness today. The vacation was good overall, and I saw some amazing places, but I don’t know that I will ever return to that part of Scotland. There are just too many other places I want to see in the world. I wasn’t sad to leave; I just felt content that I had seen everything I wanted to see in that small part of the world.

Scotland 2016 small 051
Leaving Inverness

I spent time on the plane making a list for my favorite post-vacation activity: grocery shopping! I love restocking the fridge after I’ve been away for awhile. My body may go into carb withdrawal after everything I’ve been putting into it the past couple of weeks, but it’s back to my regular diet starting tomorrow! And since I’m pretty sure long pants and long sleeves haven’t helped my tan at all, clearly the rest of the day will be spent by the pool! I plan to write one more follow-up blog at some point, but my body thinks it’s 4AM right now, so clearly it is time for bed!