Ireland 2015: Day 0 – Ireland Bound

Screenshot IrelandVacation is finally here!  In a few hours, I’ll be hopping on a plane to Dublin, Ireland to add another stamp to my passport.  Ireland has always been on my bucket list, and I knew it would require longer than our week-long school year vacations.  In my initial planning, I had expected the trip to be about 10 days, but as I kept researching areas I wanted to visit, I ended up settling on 14 days.  After spending two days in Dublin to rest and sightsee, I will be heading to Kilkenny, Kinsale, Killarney, Dingle, Doolin, and Galway before returning to Boston on July 15th.  I can’t say that I am looking forward to any area more than another, but I have visions of Killarney National Park and the southwest coast as being my favorites.  Being a music lover, I have high hopes of enjoying evenings in the local pub listening to “trad” sessions and mingling with the locals.

I’ve spent the last few months trying to research my genealogy back to my Irish roots.  I’m only ⅛ Irish, but the idea of being so close to where my ancestors lived has given me motivation to learn as much as I can.  My great-great-grandparents were both born in Ireland, immigrated to the U.S., met and married here, and settled in Cambridge.  My search picked up in earnest the last few weeks knowing that if I had any hope of finding out where in Ireland they were from, I needed at least a little information to go on.  After multiple trips to Cambridge and Malden (where they are buried), I now have my great-great-great grandparents’ names (and maiden names).  Armed with nothing but these names, one of my first stops in Dublin (hopefully on Thursday) will be the National Library of Ireland.  There are (free!) genealogy consultants available to help locate documents and information.  If I am able to gather any information about their birthplaces, and am near to them in my journey, I would love to be able to visit my “ancestral hometown(s)”.

I haven’t yet decided if I will do a daily blog post or a regional blog post, but rest assured there will be plenty of photos taken on this vacation!